CPIS Core Emphases 2020-2021

California Prep International School (CPIS) has accelerated efforts to continue its pursuit to align the school programs and overall curriculum with the WASC criteria (organization for student learning/governance; curriculum; student support; and school culture and environment) and the ONESQA Thai subject standards as well as the MOE general requirements.

This initiative involves self-evaluation, policy reviews, as well as the application of the triangulation technique (surveys, interviews, and observations). Furthermore, this alignment embraces the shifting of the student expectations’ nomenclature from ESLO/ESLR to SLO.  The previous ESLO which was an acronym for Expected Schoolwide Learning Outcomes is now dubbed as SLO which stands for Schoolwide Learner Outcomes.

Through the faculty meetings which were inclusive of the various groups (horizontal or section level; vertical or subject department; and various home groups), CPIS produced the first drafted of the core emphases for the years 2020 to 2021. After some intentional reviews, exchanges and discussions, the school had finally come up with a document that currently reflects the sentiments of the faculty and stakeholders. This document was voted upon by the CPIS Board last Sunday, January 19, 2020. The approved CPIS Core Emphases Document (inclusive of the selected global competencies emphasis) is as follows:


*Overall Schoolwide CORE Emphasis

1-Quality learner
2-Process of teaching & learning
3-Process of administration
4-Thai culture
5-Global competencies

*Student-dimension CORE Emphasis

Right ROAD acronym

*Teacher-dimension CORE Emphasis

PREP acronym

*Administration-dimension CORE Emphasis

High TIE
2- Involvement & improvement
3- Empowerment

*Global Competencies Emphasis

1) Researching Current Global Issues (RGI)
2) Interdependence of Various Social System (IVS)
3) Understanding Multiple Perspectives (UMP)
4) Valuing Diversity in Culture and Orientation (DVO)
5) Using Technology for Multilingual Communication (UTC)
6) Acting Responsibly for a Better World (ARW)
7) Functioning Effectively in an Interdependent World (FIW)


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