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Dr. Phakdee Serves as Head of Accrediting Teams

California Prep director, Dr Phakdee Mangmiwatthana, served as head of the two accrediting teams for ONESQA which stands for the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Thailand). For two weeks, he was off campus for accreditation purposes.

The first one was last year for the Demonstration School in King Mongkut’s University, Chonburi and the second was recently in Chiangmai, Thailand specifically in Unity Concord International School. New international schools in Thailand are required to seek ONESQA accreditation before requesting accreditation affiliation from any of the international accrediting agencies approved by the MOE of Thailand. In addition, he served as an accreditor for the two joint-teams of ONESQA and WASC. Dr. Phakdee headed the ONESQA side.

Moreover, Dr. Phakdee has been certified as a trained accreditation visiting committee member. He completed with good success the two-day training and workshop for the visiting committee members who should be serving and appointed by ONESQA. The said workshop was conducted and offered by some credible and prestigious accrediting agencies with their main headquarters’ location such as follows:

CIS- Council of International Schools in the Netherlands,

EDT- Education Development Trust in the United Kingdom,

NEASC- New England Association of Schools and Colleges in Massachusetts, USA, and

WASC- Western Association of Schools and Colleges in San Francisco, USA.

One CPIS stakeholder commented that CPIS is very fortunate to have a highly qualified educator to serve as the school head of CPIS and that he knows the minute details of accreditation and continuous improvement for high student learning. Furthermore, he has been a well-respected member of the ISAT (International Schools Association of Thailand) as well as in the top educators’ community in Thailand. All these came about because of his PhD exposure in the National Institute of Development Administration, Bangkok and solid successful track record as former vice-president of the Asia Pacific International University; and president of Thailand Adventist Mission. He also co-founded two international schools (CPIS & APIS) with Dr. Adelino Libato in Hat Yai City and Saraburi Province.

On the CPIS campus, Dr. Phakdee is also the superintendent of the military training for the high school students. Currently, he holds the rank of Colonel in the Thai reserved military army.


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